Gallery Updates: Public Appearances 2007

Hi guys! Its been a while since I updated, been very busy. But I have updated the gallery with more Public Appearances photos of Whitney from 2007. I have now finished that year. Enjoy!

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Gallery Updates: Pubic Appearances 2007

Hi guys! So I have uploaded Public Appearances photos of Whitney from 2007 to the gallery. I have added photos of the month September. Enjoy!

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Gallery Updates: Public Appearances 2007

Hi guys! So I have uploaded Public Appearances photos of Whitney from 2007 to the gallery. I have added photos of the months January, April, May, June and July. So more to come soon. Enjoy!

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Wondering What Happened To Whitney Port From ‘The Hills’?

Wondering what happened to Whitney Port from ‘The Hills’? She’s got a podcast (and it’s great).

Staring at the streaming service before you, open up a brand new podcast (to the tune of ‘Unwritten’, duh).
You might remember Whitney mostly for her days spent on-air as tank-top lover Lauren Conrad’s right-hand woman on ‘The Hills’ — but there’s so much more to her than that.

Since the show, she’s gotten married, had an adorable wee boy named Sonny, and professionally, she’s got a lot on. She has a sustainable loungewear line, a Youtube channel where she reacts to ‘The Hills’ (gas), and, if you didn’t know, she even had her own spin-off ‘The City’.

She also has a podcast ‘With Whit’ that has been on the go since 2019 and it’s great. Honestly, there’s no real theme that she sticks to, other than having “real, raw, and occasionally ridiculous conversations with people who’ve had a profound impact” on her.

She brings on guests like Dr Sheila Nazarian of ‘Skin Decision: Before and After’ and ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo and is as likely to be talking about finding motivation, fashion or having botox as she is to be chatting about motherhood and how her kid can be “a jerk” sometimes.

Unlike a lot of other podcasts, you never really know what she’s going to discuss next, but it doesn’t really matter — Whitney is the constant that you return to the podcast for.

She uploads consistently every Tuesday — a quality we love in our favourite podcasters since the week can feel kinda long without the company and comfort of their familiar voices, even if they’re just in the background. She’s got a soothing voice to add to your pod playlist.

Listen to ‘With Whit’ now and thank us later.


Gallery Updates: Public Appearances 2006

Hi! I have updated the gallery with Public Appearances photos of Whitney from 2006. More to come soon. Enjoy!

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Gallery Updates: Photoshoots 2007 & 2008

Hi guys! I have started updating the gallery with Photoshoots of Whitney from 2007 & 2008. I have almost found all her photoshoots so more to come soon!

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Photogallery > Photoshoots > 2008

Welcome To Whitney Port Online

Welcome to Whitney Port Online, your best source for everything about Whitney Port! The site has been offline for a while now, but I am bringing it back now. We started in 2011 with Whitney Port Daily, but then that site got deleted. Years later I missed doing updates on Whitney so decided to create Whitney Port Online and again, the site got deleted. But I still have everything so I will start updating the site with all the photos. Enjoy!